Size               Weight     Price
60"x40"x1/2"    20lb       $ 69.99
Natural rubber antifatigue mat for safety and comfort of the work place
Available with holes or without holes bottom
Beveled edges avoid tripping and easy cart acess
Dual purpose- Both sides can be used as top.
    Size               Weight     Price

48"x32"x3/8""    12lb       $ 49.99
36"x24"x3/8"        8lb       $  25.99
Made of highly durable, weather resistant natural rubber
Skid resistant antifatigue top for workplace safety and comfort.
Beveled edges make easy cart ,wheel chair acess and avoid tripping.
Ideal outdoor entrance mat to use in Decks, Docks, Landings.
    Size               Weight     Price

60"x36"x1/4"    10lb       $ 69.99
48"x36"x1/4"      8lb       $  49 99
Polypropyene fiber top absorb the moisture and liquid quickly
The surface diamond design brush the shoes and trap dirt benth the shoe level
Rubber bottom and bevelled edges protect the floor and avoid tripping and slipping.
    Size               Weight     Price

60"x36"x1/4"    15lb       $ 59.99
22"x34"x1/4"      8lb       $  25 99
      Size             Weight       Price

72"x36"x1/2"     32lb       $ 119.99
28"x42"x1/2"      15lb       $  49 99
Heavy duty Entrance and Walkway mats made of weather resistant highly durable natural Rubber.
Hundreds of moulded studs brush and keep the dirt/moisture benth the shoe lavel
Bevelled edges prevent escaping dirt and liqud to the floor and avoid tripping.
Mats made of highly durable, weather resistant Natural Rubber for high traffic areas.
Closed edges trap dirt and liquid inside the mat
Low profile make easy door opening, cart and W/Chair acessable
Moulded surcface cleats  clean the shoes effectivly and trap dirt benth shoe level.
    Size               Weight     Price

36"x36"x1/2"    10lb       $ 25.99
Natural rubber antifatigue mat for the safety and comfort of the work place
Holes to drain liquid and debris underneath
Interlocking edges make easy to join mats to cover lager floor area
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>Some use to rent insted of buyingas less labour in mainatining/ cleaning and no invesment and inventoty maintenance. Otherreason is products are expensive and not readily avialble in market

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Natural rubber antifatigue mat for the safety and comfort of the work place
Anti skid checker design on top and hollow bottom to to enhance antifatigue effect
Small mats with bevelled edges for small work places and large mats with interlocking edges to cover large work area.
    Size               Weight     Price

24"x36"x3/8""    4lb       $ 21.99
36"x36"x3/8"     14lb      $ 49.99
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