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Safety rubber tiles are made from recycling scrap tires and polyurethane prepolymer binder. Binders and pigments used are certified nontoxic and confirm to INTERNATIONAL SAFETY STANDARDS spacially in respect of children's use. The critical fall height when tested according to ASTM F 1292(method of testing impact absorbing playground surfaces) is 1.4 mt. This means that risk of HEAD INJURY when a child fall from a height of 1.4meter on to the tile is minimal.

They also comply with other relevant test standards such as ABRASION(ASTM D 642), COEFF> OF FRICTION(ASTM C 1028), WEATHERIZATION TEST(ASTM C76 & ASTM D 573) & FLAMMABILITY(Hot metal nut test).
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Resurfacing tiles
Size- 36"x36"x5/8"     Price - C$ 25/ Tile
Play ground tile
Size- 36"x36"x1"
Price - C$ 39/ Tile
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