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The Rubber Flooring Tile is an environmental friendly product free of CFC, PVC, Cadmium and several other harmful substances. The product comes in different sizes, designs and colours . They are designed to be installed as a permanent floor in solution which could be overlaid an existing flooring.

The spring quality of the rubber floor tile makes it easy to walk, stand and work on. It also reduces the risk of injuries on falling and pains can be caused by standing on hard flooring for extended period of time. Rubber flooring is specially designed for the purpose of easing of strain of the feet and legs, and also is called as “Anti-Fatigue flooring”.

Rubber flooring is also a static control method, due to its nonconductive properties. Static controlled floors are often installed on the floors which deal with the electronic items and equipment, as static electricity can damage or ruin electronic components.
GG- Smooth with chips
Size- 1000x1000x3.5mm
Price - C$ 7.75/SqFT 
GN- Large Round
Size- 1008x1008x4mm
Price - C$ 7.25/SqFT
GU- Smooth surface
Size- 1000x1000x3.5mm
Price - C$ 7.90/SqFT
HG- Hammerblow + chip
Size- 500x500x2.5mm
Price - C$ 7.90/SqFT
HU2- Hammerblow 2.5
Size- 500x500x2.5mm
Price - C$ 6.90/SqFT
KN- Medium Round
Size- 500x500x3mm
Price - C$6.45/SqFT
MN- Small Round
Size- 500x500x3mm
Price - C$ 6.35/SqFT
QN- Square Stud
Size- 500x500x2.2mm
Price - C$ 6.35/SqFT
SBP- Sportboden Puzzle
Size- 450x450x6mm
Price - C$ 7.90/SqFT
SB6-Sport N Recreational
Size- 1000x1000x6mm
Price - C$ 7.90/SqFT
SB12- Orange Peel
Size- 500x500x12mm
Price - C$ 11.90/SqFT
SGN- Stair Tread
Size- 1308x539x4mm
Price - C$ 10.90/SqFT
SR- Ice Skating Rink
Size- 1000x1000x8mm
Price - C$ 14.90/SqFT
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HU3- Hammerblow3.5 Size- 1000x1000x3.5mm
Price - C$ 7.90/SqFT
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