Our journey started in the year 2006 importing the first consignment of floor mats and opening a shop at Southside Business centre in Sudbury. With the experience in Rubber and Coir products manufacturing field about 20years and the strong support from our overseas supplying sources , we were able to introduce a hitherto unknown practical and economical floor mat range of South Asian manufacturers.

As a home grown business with limited resources we had to take a great effort to introduce our products to the Canadian market. During the first 3 years we participated almost every local trade shows, Craft shows and farmers markets in and around Sudbury. The experience we gained during that period were very useful to select what are the best products to market here and the direction we should head to market them. End of that period we decided enter to the Northern Ontario market thro a dealer network mostly consisit of Home Hardware shops and Garden Centres.

In 2017 we moved to Barrie, ONT., and sarted to do distribution from that location.Currently our products are marketed thro around 100 dealers.

Boot Scraper mats, Garden Shoe Scrapers, Rubber entrance mats, Industrial/ Commercial mats, Rubber Tiles and coco fiber mats, Polyprolene waterhog mats, Cotton Rugs are our main products sell thro dealers. Scraper mats which we introduced to Northern Ontario market in 2006 are still leading and they are the best all season out door mat for the Canadian weather. We were proud to supply our Safety Rubber Tiles made of recycling used tires to the 1st Green School in Sudbury. Our Comfort Antifatigue mats and the machine washable bath tub mats are some new products we introduced. In 2012 we started to do personalized mats with installing our own mat printing facility.

Now we are entering to our 2nd phase and start promoting Rubber health & Fitness products, Rubber Floor Tiles, Boat and Automobile accessories, Rubber Extruded Profiles, Coir Erosion Control matting. Our supply sources are technically update to meet the international quality standards and having machinery and work force capacity to handle any requirement on mentioned products. We invite you to visit the relevant pages in our web site and contact us for further negotiation for any interested product. If you are in the relevant business, we highly appreciate to receive your inquiry to market our product, which we can supply to you with attractive trade terms.
Sri Lanka and india are one of the leading Natural Rubber & Coco Fiber based products manufacturing & exporting countries in the world. Due to the High quality standards, innovative designs and competitive prices their products are very popular in Europe, U.K., Australia. But due to the long distance and lack of contacts most of their products are still new to the Canada, especially to Northern Ontario.

 We represent two leading Rubber and coco fiber products manufacturing and exporting business in Sri Lanka and Kerala province, India. Our main agents in Sri Lanka,DSI Samson Group is Rubber products manufacturing chain and Haleys Group is engaged mainly in Coir based products. Both these business are market leaders in related products in local and export market. Their production facilities are ISO certified and having technically experts in their fields. With the help of them we have already introduced entirely new product range to the market. Safety Rubber Tiles, All Season Boot Scraper mats, Machine washable NR Bath Mats, Comfort Antifaigue mats, Personalized Coco fiber mats, Boot wipers, Garden Shoe Scrapers are some of them.
In addition to that we could introduce Polyproplene Waterhog mats and Cotton rugs thro our Indian buyers.
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